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EasiGo Accident Management offers a free service for all non fault claims

For over 10 years, we have been officially Government registered & helped tens of thousands of motorists. Even if you are uninsured, EasiGo will recover vehicle repair (or pre-accident value) costs, plus compensation for injury, and any lost earnings; if you were involved in an accident that was not your fault. The same applies if you have no MOT, road tax, or even a driving licence!

Even though, legally speaking, you should not have been driving an uninsured vehicle, we will still recover all repair costs & get you full injury compensation.

We can however, only help where there is an injury claim involved.

Free Car repairs Nationwide

If our solicitors are handling your injury claim, they will also claim for repairs, or the pre-accident value, if your vehicle is too badly damaged.

Injury & uninsured Losses claims

Our legal partners claim for your injuries & other losses, including lost earnings.

They will also organise any medical treatment (physiotherapy etc) that you may need.

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Just because you were uninsured does not mean you cannot claim

Uninsured or void insurance, we claim off the other insurer

Our solicitors claim for your car repairs & injury.

Likewise, if your car is written off, we will recover its pre-accident value.

We can only help where an injury is also claimed for