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Pay no excess- we claim off the other insurer for you.

Top class service - fast, friendly and free. They do what your insurers should do but don't.

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10 Reasons we are better than your insurer

We claim off the other insurer, so you don’t lose out- no policy excess, no effect on your NCB

We are faster & more efficient at winning claims. If you have dashcam, accident photos, witnesses etc, we will collect these & make our own assessment. If we have good evidence, we can establish liability in a few hours

Reason 1

We can supply fully insured bikes, or even lend you a car; if you are too injured to ride

Reason 2

If your insurer is arranging repairs, but no courtesy bike, we will liaise with the repair garage & supply one whilst yours is off the road. The cost is recovered from the other insurer.

Reason 3

Even if you only have third party cover, we still supply a free courtesy bike, arrange repairs etc, and recover the costs from the other insurer. Your own insurance company will not help at all

Reason 4

We safe guard the future value of your motorbike by arranging repairs with dealer approved repairers, only using genuine parts. You are welcome to nominate your own repairer

Reason 5

Thinking of claiming directly off the other insurer- save your time & money. Odds are, they will mess you about. Every week we get calls from people who have spent weeks & even months, calling the other insurer- we sort it out straight away.

Reason 6

Our lawyers will fight disputed claims & even claim for void insurance or uninsured claims. They will also claim for gear, lost earnings & injury

Reason 7

Once we have established liability, you can inform your insurer it is sorted. In comparison, insurers will class your claim as ‘open’ until they have been fully paid out, which might take a year. this has a dramatic. This has a dramatic effect on your renewal premium, if renewal occurs before this.

Reason 8

If you are insured with the same company as the other driver, it makes no difference to us- we are working for you. Your insurer will often treat your claim as being a third party one- you will get messed about.

Reason 9

If uninsured, our lawyers will claim for your bike repairs, or bike pre-accident value; as well as replacement gear, earnings & injury.

Reason 10

Pay no Excess or Fee

Free Courtesy Motorcycle

If your motorcycle is not roadworthy, we will deliver a like for like one to your home. If your bike is write-off, we will supply a replacement until you have been paid out.

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Free Like for Like Courtesy Car

Free Roadside Recovery & Storage

Free roadside recovery nationwide. If your motorcycle is badly damaged, we will arrange recovery to a secure compound.

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Free Car repairs Nationwide

Free Motorcycle repairs Nationwide

We arrange damage inspections, & use main agent or your choice of repairers.

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Injury & uninsured Losses claims

Injury & uninsured Losses claims

Our legal partners claim for your injuries & other losses, including policy excess & lost earnings.

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Injury & uninsured Losses claims

Disputed Claims

Most insurers will hold you at fault, if the other party disputes liability- even if they are arguing they didn’t see you! This means you will be charged any excess, or may not be helped at all, if you only have third party cover. In many cases, insurers will accept 50/50- so both parties pay out!

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Injury & uninsured Losses claims

Void Insurance or Uninsured Claims

If the accident was not your fault, even if your insurance policy is voided; or you had no insurance, we will still claim for you. Especially with motorbikes, insurers have a tendency to void polices, for undisclosed modifications- even such things as road legal, after market exhausts.

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EasiGo Motorbike Accident Management offers a free service for all non-fault claims

All our services are free; we operate throughout the UK. We are experts at winning motorbike accident claims; & will get you the possible outcome for your claim. Unlike your insurer, who is happy to charge you excess, we win disputed claims. We collect police reports and witness statements. We track down & claim directly off the other insurer, so you do not pay any Policy Excess or lose out.