Uninsured Accident Claims

Even if you are uninsured, Easi-Go will recover vehicle repair (or pre-accident value) costs, plus compensation for injury, and any lost earnings; if you were involved in an accident that was not your fault. The same applies if you have no MOT, road tax, or even a driving licence!Even though, legally speaking, you should not have been driving an uninsured vehicle, we will still recover all repair costs & get you full injury compensation. We can however, only help where there is an injury claim involved.Our lawyers do NOT charge you for any of the money recovered for repairs or the replacement of your vehicle. They charge the same no win no fee for your injury claim, as they do insured drivers, so you get a 100% of the vehicle money.

“Although the other car hit me in the rear, my insurance said my policy was void- seems I’ d missed some payments. Easigo sorted repairs & injury, as well as my lost earnings. I don’t know what I would have done without their help”

Mrs Macca, Wembley

“Thanks so much for the care & advice you have given me- I was really in a state until I spoke to your expert. You sorted everything out & saved me from having a nervous breakdown. The personal touch is most appreciated, it was my first accident. You are great !!!”

Mrs . Akram, Coventry.

“Seems I wasnt insured to drive my BFs car; so when i got hit, my insurer said I wasnt covered. A friend said to call Easigo- they sorted repairs, looked after my shoulder injury- saved my relationship really.”

Ms. Smithson, Wakefield.

“T-boned off my bike. Insurance started to sort things, then said I had undisclosed mods on bike- void my ins. Another biker put me in touch with these guys- sorted everything, no cost, no drama- even the missus is talking to me again!”

Mr. Hitchin, Drewsbury

“Some guy pulled out; insurance said my policy was void- until i found these guys, i was really in a mess. Sorted my bike repairs, injury money, & got me new riding gear- I am so grateful”

Ms. Smith, St Albans.

No insurance , Road tax , MOT Or Licence

If you have no insurance, or your insurer has voided your policy, we can help. The same apples if your MOT or Road Tax has expired. In all cases, we can only help if there is an injury claim involved.

Repair your car at no cost to you!

If your car is repairable, we will prepare an engineer’s report; get the car repaired, & recover the costs from the other insurer. Our lawyers do this, whilst handling your injury claim.

Recover car value.

If your car is beyond economic repair ( a write-off) the solicitors will arrange an engineer to prepare a pre-accident valuation, & they will recover that value, whilst dealing with your injury claim.

Injury Compensation.

The solicitors will get you compensation for your injuries, and any lost earnings. If necessary, they will arrange private medical treatment, to speed up your recovery.


Whatever level of insurance you have, if the accident was not your fault, we can help. We operate throughout the UK, & our claims line is open 7 days a week. We will save you paying any policy excess, and provide a fast & friendly service. We cover all aspects of road accident claims; offering everything from fully insured, plated taxis & commercial vehicles, main dealer repairs, to fighting your case in court.