Our client came back to his parked car, to find it badly damaged. There was a note, saying the writer had witnessed a car hit our client’s. The witness left details of the guilty car. His own insurers wanted to charge him policy excess. We tracked down the Third-Party insurer, obtained a witness statement, and sorted our client’s car. We lent him a car to use, whilst his was being repaired


Our client was driving along a one-way street, when the third party came up the road, going the wrong way, hitting her head on. Despite police reports, her own insurer wanted to charge her a high policy excess. We claimed directly off the other insurer, so no excess was paid. Our client was supplied with a courtesy car, & her injury compensation and car repairs were sorted.

EasiGo Accident Management Company- About Us

Since 2009, EasiGo Accident Management has helped clients who have been the victim of a road accident – we do not do anything else. We handle all types of vehicles- cars, taxis, motorbikes small vans, through to coaches & HGVs. Parked car, & even uninsured driver claims are covered. In most cases, if an accident was not your fault; we can help.

Most of our business comes by way of recommendation- nice, but hardly surprising when you consider the service level we provide. We handle all aspects of your claim, claims are filed directly with the other party’s insurers, saving you paying any Policy Excess.

We cover the whole of the UK, with offices in Scotland, for dealing with claims there- the law is different from the rest of the UK. Even if your insurance has expired, you have no MOT or Road Tax, or even no licence, we will handle claims involving injuries.

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