Motorbike Accident Claims

We claim directly from the other insurers, so you pay NO Policy Excess! We deal with disputed claims, parked motorbike damage, and uninsured / void policy claims; in fact, any type of non fault claim. We cover the whole of the UK, & most of our business comes from personal recommendation! We do everything from arranging the recovery of your bike; getting your bike to a repair shop & delivering a courtesy bike or car to your home. The solicitors will organise any medical treatment you may need, as well as handling your claim for compensation. They will also recover any policy excess, if your bike repairs have been dealt with by your own insurer.

“If you get knocked off your motorbike, call these boys! Total no-brainer. Recommended to all my rider mates!”

Bob Hodges, Nottingham

“Obviously know what they are doing- fast & efficient service; all with no cost to me! Save their number. Happy to recommend”

Will Graham. Oxford

“My bike was run over by a truck- it was in a parking bay! Insurers wanted charge me a grand excess- joke! So I rang these guys, sorted it all out, no excess, – & lent me a bike to use when mine got fixed- thanks!”

Imran Hussain, Lewisham

“T boned off my bike. Insurance started to sort things, then said I had undisclosed mods on bike- void my ins. Another biker put me in touch with these guys- sorted everything, no cost, no drama- even the missus is talking to me again!”

Liam Hitchin, Luton.

“When I was knocked off my bike, my insurers held me at fault cos I was speeding, a bit.. even though the car pulled out. a club member said call EasiGo. they got my bike fixed & an 80% payout on my injuries etc. Great guys!”

Tony Williams, Carlisle

“My insurers said my ‘bike was uninsured, because I hadn’t declared some points. When it was hit by a taxi, I was stuffed. A mate said call these guys- sorted everything; got me paid out on the bike & my leathers, as well as injury money. Great team!”

Ricard Fellows

“My insurers said my ‘bike was uninsured, because I hadn’t declared some points. When it was hit by a taxi, I was stuffed. A mate said call these guys- sorted everything; got me paid out on the bike & my leathers, as well as injury money. Great team!”

Jackie Helens, Leeds

“Was run over by a van pulling out, own insurer voided my cover; hadn’t declared mods to bike. Called these guys,they sorted repairs, med treatment & my comp claim s going thro now. lucky a biker mate recommend them.”

Davey Taylor, Bournemouth

“After being knocked off my bike, my insurer said I hadn’t declared all my points, so wouldn’t help. My mate said call EasiGo- they sorted repairs, new lid & gear & are dealing with my compo claim. Everyone else just wanted to deal with my injury claim! Save their number.”

Rich Beggerley, Leeds.

Policy Excess

We claim directly off the other insurers, so you pay no Policy Excess! A lot of insurers will insist you pay your Policy Excess, and hold you at fault, until they get an admission of liability from the other insurer.Even in what may seem clear cut cases (for example someone running in the back of you), we have had clients contact us; because their insurers insist on holding them at fault, until liability is admitted. Even once liability is sorted, you may well not get back any excess charged. Also, a lot of insurers will make deduct the remainder of any premiums due, before paying you out the balance on your claim.

Courtesy Motorbike

We deliver a fully insured motorbike or car (if you are unable to ride) to your home, if your bike is not roadworthy. If your bike is still ok to use, we will arrange a replacement for when yours goes in for repairs. It does not matter if you only have Third Party cover. Also, if your motorbike is a write off, we will still supply you with a replacement until you have been paid out.

Motorbike Recovery

If your bike is too badly damaged, we will arrange for it to be recovered back to a secure compound. It will then be examined by a crash damage engineer, who will prepare a report on the repairs needed, or evaluate the pre-accident value, if it is not repairable.

Main Agent Repairs.

We arrange repairs at the main agents, or your garage of choice. If you have a late model bike, or its still on finance, it is essential all repairs are made to manufacturers standards. Unlike most insurers we do not have our own network of repairers, but use main agents.

Parked Motorbike Claims

Accidents on car parks are fully covered by insurance, in the same way as any road accident. However, most insurers will charge you Policy Excess, if dealing with your parked motorbike claim. We will claim off the other insurers for any damage. We will arrange a damage report, and supply a courtesy bike to use, when yours is in for repair. We cannot deal with very minor damage, & must have third party details to claim.

Injury Compensation

If you are injured, the solicitors will claim for your injuries, arrange any private physiotherapy, and claim for any lost earnings. If they handle your injury claim, they will also take the insurers to court, if the claim is disputed. The solicitors will also recover your Policy Excess, if your insurer has already managed your bike repair claim.

Disputed Claims

Unlike your insurer, we do not need an admission of liability from the other driver, to handle your claim. Most insurers will hold you at fault until they have had liability confirmation from the other insurers. If the solicitors are handling your injury claim, they will obtain police reports & fight your case in court. This will save you paying any Policy Excess, & possibly losing your No Claims, if your policy is up for renewal.

Damaged Equipment Compensation.

The solicitors will also claim for damaged rider gear; typically helmets, boots & protective clothing. They will claim for these as part of your injury compensation claim.

Uninsured Claims.

So long as you were not at fault the solicitors will handle your claim for injury compensation & to recover bike repair costs, even if you were uninsured, had no MOT, or even no licence. Many riders find their insurance is invalid because they have modified their bike, or not disclosed all penalty points to their insurer.


Whatever level of insurance you have, if the accident was not your fault, we can help. We operate throughout the UK, & our claims line is open 7 days a week. We will save you paying any policy excess, and provide a fast & friendly service. We cover all aspects of road accident claims; offering everything from fully insured, courtesy bikes, main dealer repairs, to helping uninsured riders.