Customer Quotes

“Even though I only have third party cover, Easigo supplied a fully insured courtesy car, got mine recovered & repaired- all at no cost to me! My own insurer wouldn’t help-makes you wonder why you bother paying insurance!”

Ms S. Harrington, Wakefield.

“My uncle used them years ago- same fast friendly service. Great to have someone who keeps you informed, makes things happen the same day. They saved me paying £750 excess after an accident that was not my fault. My insurer would not help, unless I paid it. Keep up the good work, thanks!”

Mr. A Khan, Leicester.

“Happy to recommend to anyone who had an accident that was not their fault. Much faster, friendlier & cheaper than using my own insurer- or being messed about by other insurer!”

Mrs Wallace, Dundee

“After wasting weeks calling the other insurer, I called Easigo- suddenly everything sorted. Main agent repairs, a car supplied to use, whilst mine was off the road. No fees, no fuss. Wish I had rang them first off. Recommend them to anyone.”

H. Langsdale, Swindon

“T boned off my bike. Insurance started to sort things, then said I had undisclosed mods on bike- void my ins. Another biker put me in touch with these guys- sorted everything, no cost, no drama- even the missus is talking to me again!”

L Hitchin, Luton.

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, so long as the road accident happened in the UK, we can sort things for you. We cannot help with road accidents that happen overseas. You must ensure you have ‘green card’ cover for overseas driving- no claims company can help you if you have an accident abroad.
Yes, if you were injured, we can still recover your car costs, & get you injury compensation, even if you were uninsured. We can only help if there is an injury claim involved. These days, insurance companys look to avoid their responsibilities at the slightest excuse. If the crash wasnt your fault, wecan still sort things
Yes, we can handle your claim through the MIB, which handles such claims. We cannot lend you a free hire car, because that expense is not covered, but we can get you full compensation.
Yes, you are entitled to injury compensation, whether it was your drivers’ fault or the other driver’s fault.
Insurance companies would be happiest if everyone paid their premiums, and nobody ever claimed! They are in the business of making money by getting as much money in, and paying as little out as possible. Compared to the cost of uninsured drivers, or even the average repair bill for your car, the cost of you receiving your rightful compensation is negligible.
If you have suffered either physical or psychological injury (ie: stress, depression etc) as a result of the other driver’s carelessness, you are fully entitled to be compensated.
The amount of compensation you will receive for your road accident injuries depends on a number of factors. For example, what your health was like before the accident, how long the consultant thinks it will take you to recover, and whether the injury has affected your job or social life. No one can advise you accurately, without this information. The amounts awarded depend on these factors; no company can claim to be able to get you a better payment. Our claims advisers have many years experience in these matters, and will be able to discuss your own case with you. If there is no agreement between the claims company and the insurer’s solicitors, the matter is decided in court.
Yes, we will organise for a loan vehicle, so that you will not be left without transport, whilst your car is in the repairers. This will be coordinated with the approved repairers, so that you can get on with life.
We will deliver a hire car to wherever is convenient to you & organise the repair of your damaged car. We will organise any medical treatment you may need & get you maximum compensation. You may be offered a loan car, by your insurers, but you will have to run around to sort it out. Likewise your insurance company will expect you to get repair quotes and generally sort things yourself. Your insurance company will charge you any agreed excess; you may get it back, but that will take a long time. The fact that you had a claim will also affect your no claims bonus- even though it was not your fault. You will not be given the fast service we offer, nor will you be able to select the cash in lieu of repairs option that we can get you.
Firstly, we don’t charge you any fees, or keep any of your compensation. We look after all aspects of your claim, from getting your car repaired, lending you one to use, and getting you maximum compensation. Most claims companies are only interested in handling your compensation claim- we do so much more, all for free.


Yes, you can claim injury compensation up to three years after your accident. Some people feel they shouldn’t bother, but notice they still have twinges or other side effects. You are fully entitled to compensation.
Yes, Particularly with the type & severity of injuries sustained by bikers, it is essential you receive the proper care and treatment. This will be arranged at a clinic and time suitable for you. Likewise, we can organise for specialist scans, to correctly identify your injuries.
Yes. Actually, it’s essential, if you have hit your head in an accident, that you stop using the helmet. They are designed to absorb the impact shock, and are weakened after a smash. Likewise, your leathers will be weakened, if you have had a tumble down the road. These should all be replaced.
If your motorbike was your sole means of transport, we can lend you a car, whilst your injuries heal. We often find that an automatic car is useful, if a rider has sustained leg injuries.
Yes, even if the police agree you were going too fast, you are still entitled to some compensation. We can handle both the injury compensation and bike repairs for you, at no charge.
So long as we are sorting your injury claim, we can also get you the cash equivalent, instead of having your motorcycle repaired. A lot of people don’t feel safe having a damaged bike repaired, or they may wish to repair minor damage themselves, and pocket the difference.
Yes, we can claim for your injuries and the damage to your bike, even though the other vehicle failed to stop. It is essential you report the accident to the police as soon as possible. We can claim for you through the M.I.B. It takes time, but we get results, and it cost you nothing.
Yes, we will claim directly off the other party’s insurers, so you will not pay any excess. We do not charge our clients at all, so you are much better off using our services.