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Our client came back to his parked car, to find it badly damaged. There was a note, saying the writer had witnessed a car hit our client’s. The witness left details of the guilty car. His own insurers wanted to charge him policy excess. We tracked down the Third-Party insurer, obtained a witness statement, and sorted our client’s car. We lent him a car to use, whilst his was being repaired


Our client was driving along a one-way street, when the third party came up the road, going the wrong way, hitting her head on. Despite police reports, her own insurer wanted to charge her a high policy excess. We claimed directly off the other insurer, so no excess was paid. Our client was supplied with a courtesy car, & her injury compensation and car repairs were sorted.

Since 2009, EasiGo Accident Management has helped clients who have been the victim of a road accident – we do not do anything else. We handle all types of vehicles- cars, taxis, motorbikes small vans, through to coaches & HGVs. Parked car, & even uninsured driver claims are covered. In most cases, if an accident was not your fault; we can help.

Most of our business comes by way of recommendation- nice, but hardly surprising when you consider the service level we provide. We handle all aspects of your claim, claims are filed directly with the other party’s insurers, saving you paying any Policy Excess.

We cover the whole of the UK, with offices in Scotland, for dealing with claims there- the law is different from the rest of the UK. Even if your insurance has expired, you have no MOT or Road Tax, or even no licence, we will handle claims involving injuries.

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Customer serviceEXCELLENT (4.96)

12/11/2019Recommendation! After I was let down by my own insurer, despite the crash clearly not being my fault; it was actually my son who recommended them. He had used them over 10 years ago. Sure enough, great service, v fast response. No costs; glad to see they are keeping up standards. Much appreciate their thoroughly professional service, all done with no fuss.
05/11/2019Recommendation! I have never had accident in UK before, so it was great to deal with such helpful guys. They took a lot of time & understandings to help me, even though it was only a small incident. Much thanks.
10/09/2019Recommendation! It was only a minor accident- someone reversed intio me in a carpark. My insurer wanted me to pay excess- I rang these chaps; they sorted everything- liability, repairs at main agents, and delivered a courtesy car to use whilst mine was being repaired. One of the few companies who are happy to help when there is no injury claim! Thank you v much. I will recommemnd you to all my family & friends. xx
08/05/2019Recommendation! I only have third party; spent 3 weeks trying to sort things with the other insurer; who had called the same day as their chap hit my car. Promised to sort everything out. All kinds of excuses, hours wasted on phone calls, nothing done. Finally I rang Easigo- next day, my car was in for repair, a hire car was dropped off at my house. Everything sorted. I wish I had called them at the start. Live & learn- recommend them to anyone!
03/05/2019Recommendation! A guy pulled out, went into the side of my car. Insurance would only lend me a car if i let them use their repairers- I wanted it fixed at the Audi garage. A mate said call Easygo- everything sorted; proper main agent repairs & a free car to use. Great service- even call you back on sundays!!
24/04/2019Recommendation! I know its an old car, but I wanted it repaired, when someone reversed into me. Easigo arranged repairs with my own garage, & lent me a car to use. Very helpful, kept me informed of progress and bought mine back looking like new. Many thanks
09/02/2020Recommendation! It was my 1st crash, so I didnt know what to do; mum said to call Easigo. A lovely chap called me bak later- on a Sunday, went through everything, got my car recovered; arranged repairs, & a replacement arrived next morning. V helpful & really I dont know how I would have coped without them. 5star.xx
09/12/2019Recommendation! Happy to answer any questions, v helpful. I checked them out before using them; happy to confirm they are an honest & trustworthy Company. They arranged a same day replacement car, delivered to my home. Handled all the insurance claim; dealt with everything- no cost at all to me. Pleased to recommend to anyone who had an accident which was not their fault.
02/12/2019Recommendation! After being messed about by the other driver's insurer- who had promised the earth; I was advised to call EasiGo, by a relative. I wanted my car repaired at the main agent, and a similar, automatic car to use- not a lot to ask. Well the third party insurer would only supply a manual car & insisted on using their network of repairers. EasiGo sorted everything, no fuss; all done with a quiet & thoroughly professional attitude. If there is a next time, I will simply call them first! Many thanks
26/11/2019Recommendation! Really great guys; fast, friendly service. no hanging around on the phone, waiting about. Main agent repairs, and a decent like for like courtesy car- delivered to my door. No excess, no cost- Whats not to like! xx

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Compare our service with your insurer, easigo offers

A similar, or better, replacement to your own-even if you are only Third Party Insured, or your car is a write-off !

Pay no policy excess- we claim directly off the other insurers, so you don't pay your insurance excess.

Main dealer, or your own repairer- safeguard the value of your car.

We get forecourt values for your vehicle-even if you have Motor Trade cover

We file your claim directly with the other insurers, we handle all the paper work & claim admin.

Cash on lieu of repair option, if we handle your injury claim.

Our associate solicitors will not only pursue your injury claim, but deal with all other aspects of your car claim.