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Uninsured Accident Claims



Ms Jameson thought her insurance was up to date; but when she was hit by a car pulling out, her insurers said her policy was void, because she had missed a premium. EasiGo arranged repairs, and the solicitors got her compensation for a broken shoulder.


Mrs Wilson had failed to inform her insurer she had 3 points; so when she was hit, they refused to help at all. EasiGo had her car repaired & got her compensation, plus lost earnings.


 Mr Marshall, of Portsmouth, drove his partner’s car, thinking he would be covered, under his own car insurance. A car ran in the back of him, & his insurer said he was not covered, even though it was not his fault. EasiGo claimed for the car repairs, injury, and lost earnings, directly off the other insurers.


Mr Thompson, of Stoke, had just bought a car on Ebay. He intended to insure & tax it when he got home. When he was driving it home, he was hit by a car on a roundabout. The car was written off, & he was badly injured. EasiGo recovered the car value & the solicitors got him compensation for his injuries.


Mr Charleson, of Luton,  had an accident when a bus knocked him off his motorbike. He had a performance exhaust on his motorbike; his insurers would not handle the claim, claiming he should have informed them of the modification. EasiGo’s solicitors recovered the bike repairs, money for a new helmet & compensation for his injuries.

Even if you are uninsured, Easi-Go are able to recover vehicle repair (or pre-accident value) costs, plus compensation for injury, and any lost earnings; if you were involved in an accident that was not your fault. The same applies if you have no MOT, road tax, or even a driving licence!

Even though, legally speaking, you should not have been driving an uninsured vehicle, we will still recover all repair costs & get you full injury compensation. We can however, only help where there is an injury claim involved.

Our lawyers do NOT charge you for any of the money recovered for repairs or the replacement of your vehicle. They charge the same no win no fee for your injury claim, as they do insured drivers, so you get a 100% of the vehicle money.

A lot of people think uninsured drivers are only those who deliberately never had any insurance. Whilst we can help those people, there are an increasing number of ‘technically uninsured’ cases. We get an increasing number of clients who only find out they are technically uninsured, once they have a car accident claim. In a lot of cases, the bank has missed a direct debit, or the client has not supplied some further information, having completed an on-line insurance proposal. Insurers are quite happy to take your money; then refuse to provide any cover, once there is an accident claim!

Even if your insurance has simply lapsed, or you are driving someone else’s car, or any vehicle, without insurance, we can recover both car repair costs & compensation for injuries.

We have also had clients who have been refused any help by their insurers, despite the car accident claim being entirely valid. Examples include: that the car had previously been subject to a car accident claim; that the client had missed a premium or not fully disclosed points on their licence, or even failed to advise a change of address!

In particular, with younger drivers & motorbike riders, insurers are very keen to void insurance policies- even if payments have been kept up to date. Excuses include: failing to inform them of change of address, failing to notify them of any modifications, including new wheels- not just engine improvements!

Even though we are not able to supply a replacement vehicle- legally, you should not have been driving, so you are not entitled to a replacement to use, we will handle all other aspects of your accident claim, so long as there is an injury claim also involved. Easigo accident claims experts will recover the repair or replacement value of your vehicle, as well as dealing with the injury side of your accident claim.
It is free to call and ask for our advice, so you have nothing to lose. One thing for certain, if anyone can sort things for you, it is EasiGo accident claims!