Uninsured Accident Claims

Uninsured Accident Claims

Even if you are uninsured, Easi-Go will recover vehicle repair (or pre-accident value) costs, plus compensation for injury, and any lost earnings; if you were involved in an accident that was not your fault. The same applies if you have no MOT, road tax, or even a driving licence!Even though, legally speaking, you should not have been driving an uninsured vehicle, we will still recover all repair costs & get you full injury compensation. We can however, only help where there is an injury claim involved.Our lawyers do NOT charge you for any of the money recovered for repairs or the replacement of your vehicle. They charge the same no win no fee for your injury claim, as they do insured drivers, so you get a 100% of the vehicle money.


Insurance Voided due to Car being in an earlier accident

Although the accident was not our client’s fault, the insurer said they would not cover it because their car had been written off previously. It turns out this was before he even owned it! Easigo had the car fixed, got the client lost earnings, and compensation for a broken hip

Client not insured to drive partner’s car

Our client drove her partner’s car, thinking she would be covered, under her own car insurance. A car ran in the back of her, & the insurer said she was not covered, even though it was not her fault. EasiGo claimed for the car repairs, injury, and lost earnings, directly off the other insurers.

Performance modification not disclosed

Our client had a performance exhaust on his motorbike; the insurers would not handle the claim, even though the lorry hit him when pulling out from a side road. Easigo sorted repairs, recovered riding gear costs, and the solicitors got the client injury compensation & arranged physio

Failure to Disclose Points

The client had failed to inform their insurer they had 3 points; so, when hit, they refused to help at all. EasiGo had his car repaired & got him compensation, plus lost earnings.

No Insurance, Road Tax, MOT or licence

If you have no insurance, or your insurer has voided your policy, we can help. The same apples if your MOT or Road Tax has expired. In all cases, we can only help if there is an injury claim involved.

Repair your car at no cost to you!

If your car is repairable, we will prepare an engineer’s report; get the car repaired, & recover the costs from the other insurer. Our lawyers do this, whilst handling your injury claim.

Recover car value.

If your car is beyond economic repair ( a write-off) the solicitors will arrange an engineer to prepare a pre-accident valuation, & they will recover that value, whilst dealing with your injury claim.

Injury Compensation.

The solicitors will get you compensation for your injuries, and any lost earnings. If necessary, they will arrange private medical treatment, to speed up your recovery.

EasiGo can help with all uninsured claims, involving injuries. The same applies if you have no Road Tax, MOT, or even a licence! We do not simply handle your injury claim, but also get your car repaired, or you paid out, if it is a write off. It is free to call and ask for our advice, so you have nothing to lose. One thing for certain, if anyone can sort things for you, it is EasiGo accident claims!