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EasiGo Accident Management offers Free like for like replacement vehicle, injury compensation & no insurance policy excess. If the accident was not your fault, we can help.

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Motorbike Accident Claims

We are experts in handling motorbike accident claims, and will ensure you get the maximum compensation for your injuries, as well either having your motorbike fully repaired or the loss properly compensated for. Unfortunately, many motorbike accidents result in serious injuries to the rider. We arrange specialist medical treatment, as well as ensuring you get maximum compensation for your injuries. Other, common, losses, such as damage to your helmet and other protective clothing are also covered. Likewise, we recover lost earnings, for the time you are unable to work. We cover the whole of the UK, so we can look after you, where ever you are.

EasiGo – Motorbike Accident Claims

When you call our helpline, an operator will take some brief details about the accident and your needs. A trained accident specialist will phone you back, and assess the best route for ensuring we get you fully compensated for your financial loss, as well as your physical injuries.

Once that has been established, we will organize to get your bike picked up, and taken to an insurance approved repairer for assessment and repair. If it’s beyond economic repair, we will pursue the other party’s insurers for the replacement value of your bike.

If required, we provide a replacement bike (or car, if you are unable to ride) to anyone involved in an accident that was not their fault. As similar as possible to the damaged bike, our loan bikes can be delivered to any convenient location such as home address, work address or the repairing garage. The bike or car will be delivered from one of our nationwide depots by our own uniformed drivers within a few hours.

Once the bike is repaired we will arrange a prompt collection of our replacement vehicle. We recover the cost of this hire directly from the negligent driver’s insurance company along with any other losses incurred such as injury and loss of earnings. Our solicitors only handle road accident claims, so can give you the best expert advice and get you the maximum compensation. Their fees are recovered from the third party insurers so you always receive a 100% of any compensation.

Fully comprehensively Insured Motorbike Riders.

Even if you are fully comp insured, you may well not be entitled to the help you deserve, when you have a non fault accident claim. For example, a lot of insurers will not supply a replacement bike if yours is a write off. If your bike is still rideable, they will expect you to go around getting quotes from accident repair garages. Even worse, they may insist on you having your bike repairs handled by their own repairers, rather than the main dealer. This can have a severe impact on the resale value of your motorbike.

Often the third party insurers will offer to sort your claim. Nice idea, but you need to remember they are looking after their interests- NOT yours! Once you have agreed to this, you can suffer:

  • gold-star Inferior repairs, with old panels repaired, instead of replaced.
  • gold-star No manufacturer’s warranty on repairs
  • gold-star Low write off valuations; insurers use auction prices, we use forecourt ones!
  • gold-star Unsuitable replacement motorbike choice, if any.
  • gold-star No private medical care
  • gold-star No replacement of damaged items or lost earnings
  • gold-star Low levels of injury compensation

It is always a better idea to contact Easigo car accident claims experts first; they will nearly always provide a better service, and you can always fall back on your own insurer, if unhappy! Once you have allowed your own insurer, or the third party to handle things, it is often difficult to seek independent, expert help.

Third Party Insured only Motorbike Riders

Generally, insurers will provide no assistance at all, if you have an accident claim that was not your fault. They are only prepared to deal with a third party’s claim. Easigo accident claim experts will handle your claim as if you were fully insured. We will still supply a courtesy car, and handle all aspects of your accident claim. This includes getting your damaged bike recovered, inspected, and repaired, and handling your injury claim and other losses. Easigo accident claim experts will also arrange any medical treatment you may require. Most claims companies are only interested in dealing with your personal injury claim. Easigo are happy to deal with all aspects of your motorbike accident claim.

If you allow the third party insurers to handle things, you are at their mercy regarding:

  • gold-starOffers of a replacement motorbike ( or car if you are unable to ride), both in terms of what they will provide, and the time period covered.
  • gold-starQuality of vehicle repairs: often the cheapest possible repairs are authorised.
  • gold-starValuation on motorbike write-offs: low valuations are offered.
  • gold-starLow levels of compensation, and no specialist medical treatment
  • gold-starNo lost earnings, other damages are covered. You will have to take the insurers to court yourself, to recover these. Helmets, leathers, gloves and boots should all be replaced after a bad accident. These can cost well over a thousand pounds

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