Hit by uninsured Driver


If you were hit by an uninsured driver, EasiGo can help. Whether you are fully comp, or only third party insured, we can help with courtesy car, injury claim, and car repairs. Especially if you only have third party cover, or, when fully Comp, if your insurer will not supply a courtesy car.
We claim through the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) which is funded through a levy on car insurance policies. Rather than you having to fund any of this, or wait, we sort everything, then claim it back- saving you months of time & upfront costs. The level & type of help we can offer, depends on your type of insurance cover.
In ALL cases we can ONLY help if you have details of the other car & driver. Dashcam, witnesses, or other proof is acceptable.

“When my parked car was badly damaged by a lad who was uninsured, my insurers wouldn’t supply a hire car, even though I’m fully comp. A copper suggested these guys- they sorted me out with a car, while mine was being fixed- thanks”

Mr. Wilkes, Brighton.

“My minicab was hit by an uninsured van. Easigo supplied a replacement, plated car, & sorted the repairs- Im only 3rd party, own insurer didnt help at all. Highly recommend them! Many thanks”

Mr Jaukovic, Croydon,

“They helped me out when i was hit by an uninsured driver; although I have Comp cover, my own insurer wouldnt supply a courtesy car; – these guys did.! Many thanks & happy to recommend”

Mr. Clarke, Swansea.

“When my van was hit by an uninsured driver- Im only 3rd party, nobody would help. A mate said to call these guys- sorted a replacement to use & dealt with repairs- saved my job. Cant thank you enough! 10/10”

Mr.Dixon, Bournemouth.

“When my van was hit by an uninsured clown, these guys sorted repairs, lent me one to run around in- Im only 3rd party. Own insurer wouldnt help. My broker recommended them- never knew anyone like this was about.”

Mrs Stevens, Leeds.

Courtesy car

If you are only Third-Party insured, we will supply a courtesy car, whilst arranging repairs.

If you have fully comp insurance, and your insurer does not supply a courtesy car, we can do so, whilst your car is being repaired.

Injury Compensation

Whatever insurance cover you may have, if you are injured, we will put you in touch with our solicitors who specialise in car accident claims. They will claim for your injuries, arrange any private physiotherapy, and claim for any lost earnings.

Car Repairs

If you are only Third party, we will arrange for your car to be repaired. We will then reclaim the costs from the MIB. If you are fully Comp, the MIB will expect you to claim through your own insurer.


Whatever level of insurance you have, if the accident was not your fault, we can help if you were hit by an uninsured driver. We operate throughout the UK, & our claims line is open 7 days a week. Especially if you are only third-party insured, we can cover all aspects of your accident claim. Even if you are fully comp insured, we can supply courtesy cars, as well as dealing with injury claims.