Car Accident Claims

Car Accident Claims

No matter what type of insurance you have, we can help with your claim. Your claim is filed directly with the other insurer, so you pay no Policy Excess. Suitable courtesy cars are delivered to your door; no matter whether your car is a write-off, or it is old. If your car is 5 years or under, you are entitled to a similar or better replacement. If you need an automatic, an estate car, or a large saloon, that will be arranged. If your car has been recovered to a storage yard, or is unsafe, we will arrange its recovery, & pay any storage fees, which we will recover from the insurers. Likewise, we can arrange main dealer repairs, which safe guards the future value of your car. You can call our Claims Helpline 7 days a week & it is open 24 hours a day. We do not require an admission of guilt from the other driver, to handle your claim.


Our client, had his car hit, whilst he was in the supermarket. The other driver waited, & gave him full details. Although it was not serious damage, his insurers wanted to charge him policy excess, to sort it out. EasiGo dealt with the other insurers, and lent him a car, whilst his was being repaired- no cost at all!


Our client was hit in the rear at a traffic light. Despite the accident not being her fault, her insurers wanted her to pay her £700 excess, before they would handle her claim. EasiGo filed a claim with the other insurers, and dealt with everything- recovering her car& supplying a courtesy car – she did not have to pay any excess!


Our client was hit in rear at speed, at a roundabout. His insurers told him his car was a write-off, & took the courtesy car off him, even though he had not been paid out. EasiGo supplied him with a car, which he had until I had been paid out, plus a week, to allow him to find a new one.


Our client of Sutton, was driving along the main road. The other driver pulled out of a side street, hitting his passenger door, & pushing the chassis in. His insurers said he could not have a courtesy car, because he was under 21. EasiGo arranged a courtesy car, which he had until he had been fully paid out.


Our clients was hit in the side, when the other driver pulled out of a side street. When he rang his insurers, they told him his Road Tax had expired, so they would not help. Easigo sorted his car repairs out, and dealt with his injury claim & lost earnings.


Our client had a two-year-old BMW. Her car was hit in the rear at some traffic lights. Her own insurers wanted to repair her car at one of their own body shops. She wanted it repaired by the main dealer. Easigo sorted this & gave her a decent hire car to use.


Our clients had an accident that was not his fault. He had a one-year-old Mercedes, which he used for business trips. The insurers wanted to lend him a Ford Focus, which was totally unsuitable for his business use. EasiGo arranged a replacement Mercedes.


Our client was hit by a car pulling out from a side street. She has a large family, and had a 7-seater people carrier. Her insurers would only offer a Ford Fiesta, which was not big enough for her & the rest of the family. EasiGo supplied her with a large vehicle, so she could carry on with things, whilst hers’ was being repaired.

Policy Excess

We claim directly off the other insurers, so you pay no Policy Excess! A lot of insurers will insist you pay your Policy Excess, and hold you at fault, until they get an admission of liability from the other insurer.Even in what may seem clear cut cases (for example someone running in the back of you), we have had clients contact us; because their insurers insist on holding them at fault, until liability is admitted. Even once liability is sorted, you may well not get back any excess charged. Also, a lot of insurers will make deduct the remainder of any premiums due, before paying you out the balance on your claim.

Courtsey Car

A lot of insurers will only supply a replacement car if your car is not a write off. A high percentage of insurers will take you out of any courtesy car, once they have established your car is a write-off. This leaves you with no car, and waiting to be paid out. We will always supply the best car possible; if you need a large saloon, or a people carrier, for example, we will arrange this. We often supply higher grade courtesy cars, than the insurers will pay for. We deliver the car to your home, and pick it up, once no longer needed. If your car is a write-off, we supply you with a replacement until you have been paid out, with a further week’s hire, to enable you run around & find a new one. If your car is still driveable, we will arrange for a replacement to be delivered, when your car goes in for repairs. It will be picked up when your repaired car is ready.

Car Recovery & Main Dealer Repairs.

If your car is unroadworthy, we will get it recovered to a secure compound, where the damage will be properly assessed, by a qualified crash engineer. We will also arrange for it to be repaired at a Main Agent Approved Repairer, or a garage of your choice. If it is still roadworthy, we will arrange an inspection & also sort out repairs.If your car is still driveable, insurers will expect you to go around getting quotes from accident repair garages. Even worse, they may insist on your car accident repairs handled by their own repairers, rather than the main dealer. This can have a severe impact on the resale value of your car. If you drive a newish or quality model car, you need it repairing at Main Dealer Approved Repairers. This is even more the case if your car is leased or on a private purchase scheme.

Injury Compensation.

If you are injured, we will put you in touch with our solicitors who specialise in car accident claims. They will claim for your injuries, arrange any private physiotherapy, and claim for any lost earnings. If they handle your injury claim, they will also take the insurers to court, if the claim is disputed.Our solicitors will also recover your Policy Excess, if your insurer has already managed your car claim. Our arrangement with them is that if they are paid for the injury claim, they handle the recovery of any other costs, fight the case in court, and recover any Policy Excess. Most solicitors are only interested in handling your injury claim- leaving you out of pocket on all other costs!


Accidents on car parks are fully covered by insurance, in the same way as any road accident. However, most insurers will charge you Policy Excess, if dealing with your parked car claim. We will claim off the other insurers for any damage. We will arrange a damage report, and supply a courtesy car to use, when yours is in for repair. We cannot deal with very minor damage, & must have third party details to claim.


Unlike your insurer, we do not need an admission of liability from the other driver, to handle your claim. Most insurers will hold you at fault until they have had liability confirmation from the other insurers. If the solicitors are handling your injury claim, they will obtain police reports & fight your case in court. This will save you paying any Policy Excess, & possibly losing your No Claims, if your policy is up for renewal.


Whatever level of insurance you have, if the accident was not your fault, we can help. We operate throughout the UK, & our claims line is open 7 days a week. We will save you paying any policy excess, and provide a fast & friendly service. We cover all aspects of road accident claims; offering everything from fully insured, courtesy cars, main dealer repairs, to fighting your case in court.