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Bicycle Accident Claims

Every year in this country around 19,000 cyclists are killed or injured in reported road accidents, including around 3,000 who are killed or seriously injured. If you are injured in just such an accident, we will look after all aspects of your claim.

Cyclists are more likely to be killed or seriously injured than anyone involved in a motor vehicle accident. Cyclists often sustain substantial injuries from such an accident and may suffer long term health issues, resulting in lost earnings, and an inability to enjoy a full and active life.

EasiGo – Bicycle Accident Claims

If you were involved in an accident that isn’t your fault we can help. Even, as in approx. 40% of cases, there is some negligence on your part, we can still pursue legal action for damages. According to ROSPA, the most common key contributory factor recorded by the police is ‘failed to look properly’ by either the driver or rider, especially at junctions. ‘Failed to look properly’ was attributed to the car driver in 57% of serious collisions and to the cyclist in 43% of serious collisions at junctions.

However, heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) present a particular danger for cyclists, especially in London where around 20% of cyclist fatalities occur involve an HGV. These often occur when an HGV is turning left at a junction’. About one quarter of accidents resulting in serious injury to a cyclist involved an HGV, bus or coach ‘passing too close’ to the rider.

If you were unfortunate enough to be the victim of an accident, we will look after all aspects of your accident claim. As well as arranging private medical treatment, we can help you get the compensation you deserve. This covers not simply injury compensation, but also lost earnings, damage to your bike etc.

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